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Youth Portraits Study Guide Evaluation

We hope you'll participate in our online evaluation, which should take about 10 minutes of your time. The results of this evaluation will help us understand your needs and improve our materials.

Please rate the following:

1) User-friendliness of guide:

2) Ideas/themes presented:

3) Discussions that resulted from the questions:

4) Questions were accessible (made sense) to young people:

5) Students' opinions of material, questions, and activities:

6) Navigation of Web site:

7) How did you hear about the Youth Portraits stories and study guide?

8) Describe the place and population with which you are working (setting, age range, number of young people, race, ethnicity etc.):

9) What did the young people respond the most to?

10) Which parts of the guide did you use the most? The Least?

11) Which stories did you use? How did they fit into your curriculum?

12) Please suggest organizations or educators that might be interested in receiving a free copy of the Youth Portraits CD and guide.

13) Additional Comments:


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